Bronze Mermaid Tail Pendant


Bronze Mermaid Tail Pendant will delight the mermaid lovers in your life with its realistic detail.  This mermaid tail charm is a grown-up version of fantasy jewelry that will look great with your favorite t-shirt and bikini.  Just drop on a chain necklace, and head out for the day at the beach.  

Wearing this mermaid tail is like a reminder to slow down, go with the flow, and give in to the ebb and flow of life.  Like many other-worldly beings, mermaids are mysterious and elusive, showing themselves only to those with the purest of hearts, and then only at dusk or dawn when the veil between worlds grows thin.  Known for their hyper-sensitive, empathic powers, channeling your inner mermaid will help you reconnect with the water element - your emotional self.

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Our bronze is imported from Italy and is a high quality alloy of copper and tin. Our Thai bronze has an anti-tarnish compound mixed into the metal alloy that will delay but not eliminate eventual oxidation. Find more details and care instructions in FAQs.


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Other Details

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Made in Thailand



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