Crescent Link with Two Holes in 24K Gold Plate DISCONTINUED


Jewelry Part - Crescent Link with Two Holes in 24K Gold Plate. A unique canvas for inspiring one of a kind designs! Featuring a matte, satin finish of 24K Gold plated over Sterling Silver. The sides of this fascinating festoon transition from a flat edge on the perpendicular to one on the horizontal, creating a subtle optical illusion. Use this fascinating connector to create a centerpiece that has a modern, structured look. Link it to other geometric shapes or suspend pieces of chain and gemstones. This piece is extremely versatile and perfectly fits the trend of geometric and linear jewelry designs. Let your creativity guide you! For more inspiration, check out our other modern abstract designs!

Our vermeil style gold plate is 40 micro inches of 98.5% pure gold plated over sterling silver with a fine layer of nickel in between. Get more information on our gold plate.

Handmade in Bali. Plated in the USA.

Discontinued 2020: Limited Quantity Closeout.

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