Mixed Metal Mountain and Wave Ring w Sun DISCONTINUED


Appeal to your customers sense of adventure with this mixed metal mountain and wave ring with bronze sun. This scenic ring features three layers - one shaped like three waves, the next a smooth black finish like a mountain in shadows, and the third a warm bronze setting or rising sun. Our most cherished memories are often tied to a place, a vacation, or a moment in time, like an unforgettable sunset that left you breathless. Evoke these strong emotions in your customers when you offer this landscape ocean ring. Find more Landscape Charms to list in your shop.

The black finish is a beautiful oxidized treatment on the surface of the silver.  Please note that over time the black finish will slowly wear off to reveal the silver underneath.  This process is accelerated on finger rings due to wear and exposure to soap, water, lotion, etc. This results in a rustic, timeworn quality which many admire.

Discontinued 2024: Limited Quantity Closeout.

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