Solid 14K Gold Arrow Charm with no Jump Ring -12mm


Solid 14K Gold - Mini Arrow Charm without Jump Ring. We've taken our popular Mini Arrow Charm and removed the jump ring, making it easier for wire wrapping projects such as earrings and lighter in weight for ease of wearing. But don't worry, if you prefer to have a jump ring to make a simple necklace, we offer a Solid 14K Gold 5mm Jump Ring for just this purpose, Style Q800. Channel the spirit of Apollo, the Greek god of music, healing, truth and archery. Or, unleash your Wild West spirit by adding this charm to horse and boot charms! This tiny charm makes the perfect addition to a charm cluster necklace or charm bracelet. Find your direction with this adorable arrow dangle!

There may be some very slight variations from our matching sterling silver styles made in Thailand. Length measure includes 6 mm jump ring. Made in the USA. Our 14K gold is nickel free.

Due to fluctuations in the gold market, backorders may come in at higher prices. If so, we will confirm updated pricing with customers before shipping backorders.

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Other Details

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