Sterling Silver 18 Inch Stingray Necklace


Sterling Silver 18 Inch Stingray Necklace. Stingrays symbolize grace and flow. They are "birds of the sea" as they gracefully glide though the water, often flying above the surface, as well as inches from the sandy bottom. They are sensitive to flows of energy, and can help us tap into our flow and dance with it, rather than resist. Mantas teach us to notice the nuances of energetic flows, and to navigate the varying depths of our emotions with grace.

This stingray features realistic details, from the rippled fins to the under gills, and has a satisfying weight to it. Shop for more Finished Necklaces featuring moths, honeybees, and mushrooms. 

Comes on a sterling silver 18" cable chain with spring ring clasp. The charm measures 13x15mm, excluding jumpring. See our measurement guide.



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