Sterling Silver Three Waves Dangle Earrings 40x18mm


These sterling silver three waves dangle earrings capture the dynamism and beauty of crashing waves. The shape of the curves and the texturing emphasizes its energy and movement. Water and crashing waves symbolize deep emotions, like the feeling of overwhelming joy or sadness washing over you, cleansing you and releasing blocked energy. There's a reason so many find solace in sitting by oceans or lakes just watching the tides break over and over. Water is something outside of yourself that will hold you up and never let you down.

These wave earrings are just the thing for all kinds of jewelry lines and special occasions - those with a focus on Eco conscious jewelry, ocean jewelry, and on the beach life, especially for water sports enthusiasts. But wave symbolism is perfect to mark life's transitions too, like graduations, memorials, and birthdays.

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