Sterling Silver Caterpillar and Leaf Charm 20x9mm

S7124 -SV-CHRM

This sterling silver caterpillar and leaf charm depicts a caterpillar whose one job is to take in as much as possible. She is a voracious eater, reminding youths everywhere to soak up knowledge and adventures like a hungry caterpillar - while you're still free to roam. To undergo true transformation and become something spectacular and new, we must prepare as best we can.

An old adage in life is that its only constant is change. We have designed a metamorphosis series of jewelry charms that includes the caterpillar, chrsyalis and butterfly stages to say in jewelry what is often difficult to say in words. Find all in the Bug Charms Collection.

Length measurement includes the 5 mm soldered closed jump ring. 

See our measurement guide.

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