Sterling Silver Monarch Butterfly Charm 14x13mm

S7114 -SV-CHRM

Summery and romantic, these sterling silver monarch butterfly charms are perfect for brides maids gifts, summer birthdays, and beach jewelry.  We marvel at their graceful wings fluttering by when we see monarch butterflies, understanding they're at the end of a miraculous migrational journey. We ponder how they're at their most beautiful later in life. My, how glorious she is.

An old adage in life is that its only constant is change. We have designed a metamorphosis series of jewelry charms that includes the caterpillar, chrsyalis and butterfly stages to say in jewelry what is often difficult to express in words. Find all in the Bug Charms Collection.

Length measurement includes the 5mm soldered jump ring. See our measurement guide.

This butterfly charm has beautiful details on both the front and the back.

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