Sterling Silver Cherry Blossom Earring Hook with Loop 7x20mm


When we designed this sterling silver cherry blossom earring hook with loop, we couldn't believe it took us this long.  Embellishing an ear wire with one of our best selling flower charms seems like a no-brainer for its popular appeal.

By adding the cherry blossom directly onto the ear wire we've eliminated the need for jump rings, wire wrapping, and wasted space between the flower and whatever you decide to highlight - gemstones, flower charms, or jewelry links.  This results in a more compact design, upping your design to the professional and polished!

Cherry blossoms have been held in high esteem for thousands of years. Many artists have immortalized cherry blossoms in paintings, poetry, and embroidery. Because the blossoms last for only a short time, they're thought to reflect the fleeting nature of life imbuing it with a fragile beauty.

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This item is made from recycled silver.

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