Sterling Silver Elephant Charm - Spirit Animal DISCONTINUED

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Sterling Silver Elephant Spirit Animal Charm. A Spirit Animal or Power Animal, represents the "life force" or soul of the animal which appear to humans through dreams and meditations to share their wisdom. Revered for its power and strength, the elephant symbolizes dignity, peace, intelligence, and longevity. In the herd, the older elephants protect and care for the young, regardless of whether it is their offspring or another's. In this way, the spirit of the elephant encourages loyalty and fidelity in our relationships with family and friends. The elephant has also long been considered a symbol of good luck in many cultures... and who couldn't use a little good luck? Capture the strength and beauty of this power animal with this symbolic elephant charm. Find your Spirit Animal by visiting our Talisman collection!

Length measure includes 5 mm soldered jump ring.

Discontinued 2019: Limited Quantity Closeout.

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Other Details

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