Sterling Silver Half Skull Pendant 22x13mm

S7094 -SV-CHRM

Many see sterling silver half skull pendants and think of ruthlessness, and in times past, warriors have used skulls to scare away those who want to do harm. Human skulls are incredibly bad-ass and can feel intimidating. 

But skulls have a softer side, too. Celts, for example, thought of skulls as houses for the soul and as symbolic of divine creation itself. During Renaissance times, skulls were symbolic of earthly things, greed, and superficiality, and served as reminders to prepare for the after-life. Since then human skulls have also come to represent lasting ingenuity, rationality, consciousness, and prudence.

Make skull jewelry full of meaning with this beautifully textured skull charm.  Find more powerful talismans and protective amulets to add to your shop.

Length measurement includes the 5 mm soldered jump ring. See our measurement guide.

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