Sterling Silver Mommy and Baby Cat Charm Set

A4068 -SV-CHRM

The silhouettes of mommy and baby cat looking lovingly into each other's eyes will send cat lovers over the moon with delight. Mommy cat seems to be saying, "Be patient, my dear. I will soon teach you all you need to know," as baby kitty replies "I'm ready! Ready to learn how to crouch, to pounce & to play. Maybe shred some paper, attack some house plants, and then lay in the sun to rest. Yep - I'm ready for world domination."

Oh, what would the world do without mommies? And, kitties?

Find more cuties in pet charms , oh . . . and, you'll need finished chain to complete your charm necklaces.

Length measurement includes the 5 mm soldered jump ring. See our measurement guide.

This item is made from recycled silver.

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Other Details

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