Sterling Silver Tiny Luna Moth Charm in Diamond Frame 23x11m

S6435 -SV-CHRM

Stock your shop with sterling silver tiny luna moth charm in diamond frame for your customers who are drawn to this dark beauty. The silver lines frame the deeply oxidized interior telling the story of a most romantic creature. As creatures of the night, moths are driven by the light of the moon, connecting them to profound intuition and psychic awareness. 

Simply dangle on hook earrings and finished chains for simple earrings and necklaces, or - use it as a jumping off point for a more embellished jewelry design. The diamond shape is not only a beautiful way to frame this petite moth, but also provides spaces for you to attach more charms and gemstone beads.

The contrast of metals and the graphic detail lends a tattoo-like quality that is on-trend. Find more lovelies of the insect world in our Bug Charm Collection.

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Other Details

Made in Bali, IndonesiaMade in Bali, Indonesia



mm - millimeters

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