Sterling Silver Witch Cauldron Charm Link 14x19mm

A4202 -SV-LINK

This sterling silver witch cauldron charm link will delight the modern witches in your customer base. With its little handles and feet, and mini moon phase details, this cauldron will be irresistible attached to the center of a finished chain.

Cauldrons seem mystical to us now, but they were the heart of many homes, and life-giving in cold seasons throughout time and in many cultures. Warm soups and stews were concocted in them to give nourishment to loved ones. 

Mothers and grandmothers also used them for healing herbal blends and "magic" potions. This imbued cauldrons with more sacred meanings, so that today they represent the Goddess, the Sacred Divine, transformation, healing, and abundance. They symbolize life & abundance through nourishment, transformation by turning herbs into healing concoctions, and the shape of cauldrons mimics expectant mothers "tummies."

Find more witchy charms in the Talisman Collection. Width measurement includes the two 5 mm soldered closed jump rings. See our measurement guide.

This item is made from recycled silver.

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