Taegan, Customer Service Rep

I believe there is inspiration everywhere. From the words in your favorite book to the simple views from a window. In a world so sucked into computer screens I think I find my creativity the most when I am able to step away from the screen and really clear my mind. I do mostly graphite work playing with the contrast of dark pencil and the light of the paper. I have always had a deep love of pencils. Not to say I never work with other mediums but there is something about the feel of pencil across paper that I will have a lifelong love affair with. I am also passionate about food. Eating it, cooking it, talking about it. I love the satisfaction I get from creating a really delicious meal for my family to enjoy. I also really love to read. I could probably spend the rest of my life in a bookstore or library. I have 2 dogs and a cat. My dogs are Dolly (an old English bulldog) and Spike (a Shih Tzu.) They are both incredibly sweet and loving. Spike would be thrilled if I strapped him to me like he was a new born baby. He looooves to be held. Dolly snores... A LOT. I love her but oh my goodness!!! The cat.... the cats name is Kito Marie Boogerlips. She is about 12 years old and every single morning she lays on my face to wake me up and when I leave the house she hides my slippers. She is quite the character. My favorite part about working at Nina Designs is all of the wonderfully supportive people that are here. The staff are just as excited to share their art or other work and as they are to see what other people have created. It is a very beautiful thing! I really love any chance to create something. I think jewelry is a wonderful way to express yourself and your own personal style. Especially fun because you get to wear it and hopefully inspire someone else!

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