Fetch the Goblet Earrings

Fetch the Goblet Earrings

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Corvus constellation means “crow” or “raven” in Latin. It was first catalogued by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy in the 2nd century. The Greek Corvus was borrowed from the mythical Babylonian raven, Mul Uga Mushen, which was usually depicted perched on the tail of a serpent. Babylonians associated the constellation with Adad, the god of rain and storm, because its stars would rise before the rainy season, in the fall. According to the Greek myth, Corvus was originally white with a beautiful singing voice. One day, the god Apollo commanded Corvus to fetch a goblet of water from a stream. Corvus dallied by the stream to eat figs. The crow blamed the delay on a water snake, which the god knew was a lie. As punishment, Apollo turned the crow black and threw all three: the crow, the goblet, and the water snake, into the heavens. For penance, the crow was made to suffer eternal thirst, making the bird’s caw raucously instead of a song normal birds. 

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