Spacer Beads

Spacer Bads make all the difference. They give beaded jewelry the polished, finished look of a professionally designed piece. Use spacers to ease the transition between earring drop and earring top. They can also provide cohesion on a piece with many different kinds of beads. Finally, silver spacer beads are perfect for defining space and creating patterns. Don’t miss our collection of handmade Bali Spacer Beads. Spacers enhance almost any jewelry design by adding a subtle flair and finish. Many people find them indispensable and highly addictive. We also carry a selection of Thai Hill Tribe Spacers for a more rustic, grounded look. Gold Plated Spacer Beads have a subtle effect in small spaces. These delicate beauties add that extra little something, a touch of fire that makes jewelry stand out. Sprinkle them into bracelets and necklaces or add a single spacer to top off earrings! Once you have selected your spacers, visit Silver Clasps as well as Earring Parts & Findings for the finishing touches to your designs. Shop here and benefit from our wide selection of Spacer bBads!


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