Sterling Silver Clasp Collection

Our Silver Clasp collection has some of the most unique clasps on the market. We sell Toggle Clasps, Lobster Clasps and Hook Clasps but we also have other unique jewelry clasps. Our Printed Jewelry Clasps have vibrant graphic designs. The patterns are applied to the silver in an innovative new technique that we developed just for this collection. This collection has a modern, contemporary feel. To make our Magnet Clasps, we nestle the magnets inside beautiful handmade silver beads. Once closed, the clasp is hidden and the bead blends seamlessly into your design. We use powerful, extra strong magnets that are very secure. However, if you use these clasps on bracelets we strongly recommend a safety Chain because there is always a chance that the magnet will bond to a foreign object and pull loose.  From silver toggle clasps to adjustable length hook clasps, our clasps are versatile additions to your repertoire. Browse our whole collection of clasps below.

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