Sterling Silver Three Ravens Charm 22x16mm

A1956 -SV-CHRM

Enveloped in the rich tapestry of Celtic lore, our Sterling Silver Triple Raven Pendant carries an added layer of mysticism. In Celtic tradition, ravens are often revered as messengers between realms, embodying wisdom and the ability to traverse the spiritual and physical worlds. This pendant beautifully captures the essence of this symbolism, with three ravens gathered in a circle.

This pendant becomes not just a piece of jewelry but a connection to ancient wisdom and the mysterious realms beyond. Elevate your style with a touch of Celtic magic, as the Triple Raven Pendant invites you to embrace the enchanting tales woven into the fabric of time. A symbol of intuition and transformation, this pendant resonates with those who appreciate both the beauty of design and the depth of cultural significance.

 Length measurement includes the 5 mm soldered jump ring. See our measurement guide

This item is made from recycled silver.

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