Leah, Vice President She/Her

Leah Rivers Vice President Nina Designs

I have been making jewelry since I was 8 years old. I still have in my collection a rainbow colored seed bead loomed barrette from my childhood! When not playing house with my family, I enjoy rooting through my stash of beads, including vintage glass, ancient African trade beads, and unusual silver treasures! I imagine all the different people who have worn them over the years.

When I design components for Nina Designs, I am always thinking about what I’d like to use in my own jewelry. What is the perfect new thing to go with those ancient deep green glass bugles? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a delicate hammered toggle clasp to finish this necklace of pink tourmalines? I’d like to make a bracelet for my yoga teacher…we need a charm that says “be here now”…

That is my goal for our customers: to create designs that will be the inspiration for beautiful jewelry.

My Current Favorites

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