Finish Leather Cord with Wire Wrapping to Any Clasp


Learn how to connect leather cord to any clasp with this wire wrapping technique. It is a versatile technique to learn for making leather jewelry. With practice it becomes very easy, and makes very secure connections. This is a great technique for making leather bracelets.



Supplies You'll Need

Step 1

If you’re using the wide leather cord, start by trimming it to the width that is proportional to your clasp. The wide leather is a great choice because you can cut it to the width you want. But the in this lesson we are using 3mm leather cord.

Step 2

Use the hammer and the tack to punch a hole into both ends of your leather. You can also use an awl or leather punch if you have one. Make sure to leave enough room at the edge of the leather. If the hole is too close to the edge of the leather it could rip through. If it does you can always trim your leather and try again.

Step 3

Cut a 3” piece of wire. With your needle nose pliers form a loop at one end, leaving a short tail. Pull your leather into the loop.

Step 4

Now that you have the leather in the loop, you’ll need to wire wrap a link to the clasp. Begin by wrapping your loop closed. Next thread on your bead, form a second loop behind the bead, thread on your clasp, and close the loop.

See How to Wire Wrap a Link for step by step, detailed instructions with photos.

Repeat steps 2 – 4 for the other end of the leather.

You're Done!

Congratulations! You’ve just mastered another versatile technique for making leather jewelry designs.


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