Finish Leather Cord Using Jumprings and Any Kind of Clasp

by Marcy Kentz


You can connect anything to leather with jump rings. In this lesson you’ll learn how to use jump rings to connect leather cord to a magnetic clasp, but the beauty of this lesson is you can use any clasp you want.



Connecting leather to jump rings is a great technique for making necklaces and earrings, but not so much for bracelets. While it is possible, it is not ideal because bracelets go through a lot more stress than necklaces & earrings typically do. Bracelets can get pulled, twisted, and caught on clothing. This can cause jump rings to open. While it’s an easy fix, it’s not ideal, especially if you sell your jewelry. If you want to make leather bracelets use wire wrapping instead. It is much more secure.

Supplies You'll Need

Step 1

If you’re using the wide leather cord, start by trimming it to the width that is proportional to your clasp. The wide leather is a great choice because you can cut it to the width you want. But the 3mm leather cord works with this technique too!

Step 2

Use the hammer and the tack to punch a hole into both ends of your leather. You can also use an awl or leather punch if you have one. Make sure to leave enough room at the edge of the leather, about the length of the jump ring. If the hole is too close to the edge of the leather it could rip through. If it does rip through you can always trim your leather and try again.

Step 3

Once you’ve punched your holes use your tack to enlarge the hole a bit. The bigger the hole the easier it is to thread the jump ring. The curve of the jump ring makes it a bit tricky to thread, so just work it and wiggle it through.

Step 4

Attach your clasp to the jump rings, and use your chain nose pliers to close the jump rings.

Step 5

Round the corners of the leather to give it a more finished look. Then you are done. You just learned another really easy technique that is useful in designing leather jewelry!


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