Finishing Leather Cord with a S-Clasp

By Marcy Kentz


Finishing leather cord is a lot easier than you may think. With just a pair of sharp scissors, leather cord, and an S-clasp you can finish leather jewelry in less than 5 minutes. This versatile technique can be applied to both necklaces and bracelets.

For necklaces, we like the leather cord to run from the clasp to just below the collar bones. Of course, you can go longer if you like.


Step 1

After you have gathered your leather cord and S-clasp, cut your leather cord to the length you desire.

To measure the length, wrap leather cord around the back of the neck to where you want it to fall. Cut to size. Then cut that length in half. Your S-clasp will connect the two pieces of leather together in the back.

Step 2

Fold over one end of each length of leather cord and snip small slits in them. It is easiest to start your opening this way.

Step 3

Cut small almond shaped openings in the leather. This is where your S-Clasp will connect to the leather ends.

Step 4

Taper the ends and cut them into soft petal shapes for a finished look.

Step 5

You're Done!

Simply connect the S-Clasp into your openings and you’re finished with your closure. Now you can begin dreaming up different designs for the front! Have fun.

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