Finish Leather Cord with a Toggle Bar Clasp

By Marcy Kentz


Another simple way to finish wide leather cord is with a toggle bar. For this project, collect those orphaned toggle bars you have laying around, craft wire, a thumbtack, a hammer, glue and scissors. This method of finishing wide leather cord is so quick and easy you can complete it in less than 5 minutes. And, it’s a technique you can apply to both necklaces and bracelets.

For necklaces, we like the leather cord to run from the clasp to just below the collar bones. Of course, you can go longer if you like.

Step 1

After you have gathered your leather cord, toggle bar, and craft wire, cut your leather cord to the length you desire.

To measure the length, wrap leather cord around the back of the neck to where you want it to fall. Cut to size. Then cut that length in half. Your toggle bar will connect the two pieces of leather together in the back.

Step 2

You’ll need to cut an opening on one strip of the leather for the toggle bar to go through. To do this: fold over the end of the leather cord and snip a small slit. Now cut the slit a little wider to form a small almond shaped opening.

Step 3

On the other strip of leather, using a thumbtack and hammer (or leather punch), poke 2 holes side by side where you’ll attach the toggle bar.

Step 4

Cut a length of craft wire and fold over into a pin shape.

Step 5

Thread the wire onto your toggle bar.

Step 6

Insert each arm of the pin with the toggle bar on it through the side by side holes you made in the leather.

Step 7

Cut the wire down to match the width of the leather strip.

Step 8

Coil your wire into a figure eight shape. From your leftover leather (not from any of the strips your working with) cut out a circle, spread with glue, and cover the wire for a finished look. This will also make your jewelry more comfortable to wear.

Step 9

If you haven’t yet, you could round the ends for a softer look as we did here. That’s it! You’re done.

Simply pull the toggle bar through the opening to close. Now you can begin dreaming up designs for the front of your necklace or bracelet.

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