Finishing Leather Cord with a Silver Bar Clasp

By Marcy Kentz


Years ago we designed a box clasp to use with loom work, but they are also perfect for finishing wide leather cord!


  • Silver Box Claps
  • Leather Cord
  • Glue
  • A Sharp pair of Scissors

This is a super simple and super fast technique that is elegant and seamless. Use it to make leather bracelets and necklaces. For necklaces, we like the leather cord to run from the clasp to just below the collar bones. Of course, you can go longer if you like.

At the front of your necklace, you can play around with different design elements, like wire wrapped silver beads or whatever else you can imagine. You can make single strand designs, or multi-strand designs. See this leather necklace as an example of what you can do in the front.


Supplies You'll Need

Step 1

After you have gathered your leather cord and silver box clasp, cut your leather cord to your desired length.

To measure the length, wrap the leather cord around the back of the neck to where you want it to fall. Cut to size. Then cut that length in half. Your box clasp will connect the two pieces of leather together in the back.

Step 2

The first thing you’ll notice is that the leather cord is wider than the width of the silver box clasp. This means you’ll need to cut it down to size.

Step 3

To do this, lay the box clasp near the end of the leather cord and cut a snip to mark where you want to begin cutting. Then, using a good pair of sharp scissors, cut the entire length of leather cord. For best results, as you’re cutting hold the leather taut. This should result in a neater cut edge.

Step 4

Next, insert the ends of the leather into the box clasp, fold over the wire, and glue.

Step 5

It’s really this easy! Just be sure to be neat with the glue. Use enough glue for a secure hold, but not so much it’s messy.

You’re done! If you haven’t already, now you can start working on the front part of your necklace or bracelet.


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